Monday, January 11, 2010

Month of Service, Day Two

I haven't performed my act of service yet today and it's nearly 8:00 pm. I found out this morning that I am diabetic so I've had a full day of wallowing in self pity, disgust, fear and embarrassment. I also ended up taking my baby to the doctor again as his fever went back up and he is again lethargic and dehydrated. The doctor actually kind of freaked me out, as he is not sure just what is wrong with Jack but, to use his words, "There is definitely something wrong." Awesome. My faith in the medical profession is a little shaky today.

This is the part of the day where I dry my tears, put on my big girl panties and head into my sewing room to fold a pile of laundry that I washed for a friend last week. It's time to focus on something other than my upcoming chocolate withdrawals and Jack's appointment tomorrow, where he will have a chest x-ray and more blood work.

I'm counting on this laundry to pull me out of my funk. Go team service!


Cristina said...

Julie!!! I so hope that Jack gets better very soon, and that the doctors find out what's going on with the poor little guy. Poor little fella!

Also, I'm so sorry to hear that you have diabetes. :( I've read that occasionally it can be reversed if caught early enough, and I hope this will be your case.

I love you, lady. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

P.S. ~ I sure hope you didn't get static cling after folding the laundry..... because THAT would have been the real tragedy. I'm just sayin'. ;)

Nikki said...

Oh wow. Diabetes. My dad was recently diagnosed (like four years or something). And I'm sure it's my fate as well being as I'm nowhere near my ideal weight and love sweets too much and it's hereditary.

But I've also read about it being reversed- or at least the symptoms and not needing meds. My prayers are with you.

And your sweet little Jack. It's so hard when kids are sick and they look at you to "just make it better Mommy!" A few weeks ago my kids all had super-high fevers as well (one was 105.9). They didn't have any other symptoms to speak of for a couple days. Then the doctors discovered double ear infections. That was a relief to know why they had fevers.

Prayers for your family!