Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sometimes I'm Not Very Nice

Get out your judging hats and prepare to look down on me, because I laughed at something inappropriate today and I'm going to tell you about it.

Mike had Pack Meeting tonight. For those of you unfamiliar with Scouts, that's the meeting once a month where the whole troop (?)--I'm not familiar with it, either--gets together. There is an activity, those who have earned badges receive said badges and then there are always refreshments of some kind.

Part of the activities for the evening was a "Getting To Know You" questionnaire that moms and scouts filled out together and then the leader read it in front of everyone and had the boys try to guess who it was. One of the questions was "What was the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?" Tonight there was a new boy. Well, he was new to me and Mike but we miss Scouts 90% of the time so maybe he's been there a while. Anyway, this new boy said that he didn't have an embarrassing moment. (Kinda makes you jealous, huh?) Further down the page was the question "Which movie could you watch over and over?" and this boy answered "Carebears".

Let's take a time out for a moment, shall we? I know that there are people who think that Carebears are gender neutral toys. We are not those people. Carebears are girl toys. Additionally, Michael is old enough now to recognize gender separation and to notice when things seem a bit out of whack in that area.

The leader kindly commented that she liked Carebears, too, to which the boy said that he had one at home. She asked him which one and he said, "Well, I actually have three."

At which point my older and therefore more superior (feeling) son leaned over and muttered, "That should have been his most embarrassing moment."

To my credit, I didn't laugh out loud. I'm pretty sure that I snorted, though. I wasn't laughing at the little boy, but at my son and his shrewd perspective. Sometimes I forget how mature he is and so when things like that pop out of his mouth I'm surprised.

Go ahead and judge. I'm just as sensitive as the next mom, but that was funny.


Darin and Amy said...

THAT IS FUNNY! I would probably have laughed out loud and made a fool of myself.

Darin and Amy said...
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Steve G. said...

hahaha, Nice! Your son and I had the exact same thought :)

Greg and Gwen said...

Yes! Yes it was!!!

Perpetual Mommy Exhaustion said...

Mike, you are cool, despite your weird feelings for Star Wars and assorted other dorky stuff. And you dust bunny collection.