Saturday, June 5, 2010

Still, Not So Nice

Noel just finished the second grade. There was a girl in her class that is a bit of a queen bee. Okay, that's an understatement. That little girl is a witch. She is eight going on forty -three. A really bitter, mean forty-three. She is, in my humble opinion, spoiled rotten by her parents. She is always very well dressed, her hair is perfectly groomed and she knows everything there is to know about anything that a second grade girl would think was cool. She also believes herself to be the queen of the second grade.

Noel really, really wants this girl to like her. And she does, sometimes. She is fickle and moody and bossy. I do not like this child. I encourage Noel to be nice to her but I try to help Noel understand that not all people are nice. There are people who think that what you wear or the toys you have are what matters.

You know what I say? You have a lisp, mean girl. Go ahead and be nice one minute and then mock the second some poor girl's back is turned. I love to hear you say "Sthe is tho thtupid!" It makes my day.

Noel may not wear designer clothes. Her hair is not always impeccably coiffed. Sometimes it isn't even brushed. But she can say her esses.

Thuck on that.

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