Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In Which We Explore the Proper Use of Homonyms

Morgan has a few of these brush tees that he likes to use when he is golfing.

He and Joe were out in the backyard the other day, hitting some balls into the farmer's field, so the tees were still out on the counter. (Things don't get put away in our house for days, even weeks sometimes. That's just how we roll.) Adam was looking at the tees and he held one up and said "Ball?" Not thinking about my response at all, I said, "Yep. Those are for Daddy's balls." I cringed after I said it, but figured that a two-year-old doesn't understand double meanings.

Then I heard Noel pipe up. "Oh. Those balls."

Having a nine-year-old brother and a father that acts like a nine-year-old brother, Noel is no stranger to double meanings.

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Greg and Gwen said...

Greg and I are just now getting to the point where we have to watch what we say in front of our kids since Lydia's starting to catch on to some things...It's not nearly as much fun ;)

I can't wait to make greg read this post. He doesn't normally do the whole blog thing, but this will be well worth his time!

Too Funny!!!