Monday, June 1, 2009

Just How Redneck Are We?

We catch earthworms, throw them in the chicken coop and place bets on which bird will end up with the worm. It's so much more entertaining than it sounds.

Also, I watched one of our little hens catch flying gnats right out of the air.

And our goats think that they are dogs, because if the door gets left open they wander right in the house and jump up on the couch. They're so cute that I really don't mind. Honestly, if I could potty train them, I'd let them be indoor pets. They have great personalities.

Friday night, Moe and I were standing in the back yard talking when we heard a commotion in the kitchen. Morgan popped his head in the door and yelled "Humperdink! Get out of the fridge!" He then turned to me and said "I never thought that I'd have to say that to a goat."

We have gone total hick and we are loving every minute of it.

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