Thursday, November 5, 2009

In Which I Take a Break and Procrastinate a Little, All At the Same Time

I am all sewed out, if that's really a term. I've been preparing for a three day craft show that I'm doing with my sister and all of my down time (read: time not already occupied by eating, sleeping or chasing kids) has been filled with sewing.

I really should be finishing up a couple more projects, but my body just sent the following message to my mind: "If we have to even look at one more piece of fabric in the next fifteen minutes, so help us....."

At which point the message became no longer family friendly.

Hey, does anyone else wonder why my body speaks in the plural form? Yeah, so do we.

Anyhoo, I thought that this would be a perfect time for a random list of things that I have observed, thought, or witnessed recently. Or really anything I want to write, since it's my blog and no one else has the password. Ha.

  • While at Walmart the other night, I left my hubby and kids in the car and zipped in to buy, what else, some fabric. I was focused on getting in and getting out but I couldn't help but notice the ruckus that was happening just down the main aisle from me. Four small children ran shrieking into the men's department and hid while an older child hid his eyes by leaning his face against his mother and began counting loudly. The words "Are you freaking kidding me?" escaped my lips just as the eyes of said mother met mine. My eyes then flitted to the woman standing next to her, who appeared to be the grandmother of the hiding children. Without breaking stride I continued on, wondering at the family values that allowed children to purposely hide in public places. My kids learned a long time ago that hiding from me in any kind of store equalled trouble. Even now that they are a little older and roll their eyes at me they still know to stay where I can see them. It made me want to coerce one of the children to come with me up to the customer service desk where I would leave them with the nice lady who would then page the mother. That'll teach her to let her kids run wild. *sigh* People.
  • My rooster crows all times of the day and night. I thought that it was supposed to be just a sunrise sort of thing. Hasn't he ever seen Rockadoodle?
  • When a toddler has a full-to-the-point-of-leaking diaper, he instinctively knows how to get maximum poop-coverage on upholstered surfaces with just a few well-placed flails of the leg or thrusts of the pelvis.
  • Toddlers are wickedly inventive little creatures which we love beyond all reason.
  • Husbands often fall into the same category as toddlers.
  • My children's father is the best toy they will ever have. There is no other toy as interactive, fun and goofy as their dad. Adam's current favorite activity is to feed his dad. I think he just likes to see his dad open up his muppet-sized mouth and gaze into the depths below.
  • I am all out of clever observations, which means it's back to the sewing machine with me and my plural body.
Right after I finish composing a letter to my husband from our pets, which begins with the salutation "Dear Alpha Male" and ends with the plea "Please take care of us while the nice lady is gone."

Those of you who think that last bit is a joke obviously don't know me at all.