Thursday, February 18, 2010

If You're Looking For Humor, It Stops In the Title

I have been feeling my age lately. Not that I feel old, I just mean that I have thought a lot recently about the undeniable reality that all of us face, which is that once time has passed there is no getting it back.

I had a pregnancy scare (!) that was just yesterday confirmed unfounded. I had a tubal ligation after my last baby was born so a pregnancy was unlikely, albeit possible. Finding out that I was not, in fact, pregnant, was a good thing, but it got my wheels turning.

I have never understood women who are unwilling to admit their true age, nor those who cover up their gray hairs. I have always thought that you are who you are and you'd better be willing to accept that fact or you're in for a rough life. But coming to the point in my life where I am definitely finished bearing children and finally putting that stage of life firmly in my past is strange to me. All of my life up until now has held the possibility of future children. Now I know that I have all of the children that I'm going to have and must focus my attention on the teaching and raising of those children.

Something else that has been a constant in my life is my relative youth. While I don't feel old, I know that the days in which I am part of the younger 50% of the population are numbered. Having these major changes in my life has caused a lot of thinking. I'm not sad to bid adieu to my child-bearing years, really. I enjoyed having children but the time has come to move on from that stage. It's also a novelty to me to have friends younger than me who are mothers. It's a shift, as I have been a part of the "new mom" crowd for so long.

I'm not sure where all of these thoughts are taking me. It's not depressing to think of these things. It's not really joyous either. I'm facing these changes with resolve. They are part of life that can't be changed.

I'm interested to see where I go from here.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hammy Boys

Adam was beebling a mile a minute about popcorn and a bunch of other stuff that I couldn't understand so I grabbed the camera to record him because it was so darn cute. Of course, as soon as he saw the camera, he quit jabbering and started hamming it up for me to take a photo. Then Jack decided that he wanted a piece of the camera action and a brawl of miniature proportions ensued.

The best part of this entire video is how hard they both laughed when I put it up on the computer for them to watch. They thought that they were hysterical. I should take a video of them watching the video.

All Is Well That Ends Well, As Long As Everyone Has a Date

Upon returning home from church on Sunday, I had the following conversation with my husband (while my children looked on):

Me: The stake is having a Sweetheart Ball on the 13th and I really want to go.

Moe: Oh, yeah?

Me: Yeah. There is this guy I've had my eye on and I'm hoping that he'll ask me.

Moe: Hmm.

Me: Yeah, he's really handsome, sexy even, and sooo funny. I've been watching him for a long time now and I really hope he asks me.

Noel: (breathlessly interrupting) Who is it, mom?

I'm not sure if she was disappointed or relieved when I told her that it was her dad.


A few hours later as I was filling in the dates on the calendar...

Me: (spoken loudly for the benefit of Morgan who was in the next room) Yup. The Sweetheart Ball. I sure hope that hot guy asks me to go.

Noel: What if someone else asks you to go?

Me: I guess I'll go with whomever asks me first.

Noel: *gasp* What if Joe asks you before Dad? (Joe and his wife Emily are our friends.)

Me: Then I guess I'll go with Joe.

Noel: And Dad can take Emily!

I see her problem solving skills are coming along nicely.