Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vocabulary Fun

I made scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins for dinner tonight. (Why yes, I am the best mother alive, thanks for noticing.) Adam hates eggs. Hates 'em. Always has. I went through all my bag of tricks tonight, begging, pleading, etc. and I decided to put ketchup on them to see if that would entice him to eat them. I recently discovered that he loves ketchup. The conversation proceeded as follows:

Noel: What are you doing?

Me: Putting ketchup on Adam's eggs.

Noel: Why?

Me: Because maybe he'll eat them if they have ketchup on them.

Mike: Why doesn't he like eggs?

Me: Beats me.

Noel: Maybe it's because he's a veterinarian.

Mike: He was in the war?



Random factoid of the day:

If your toddler shoves a raisin up his nose at 9:00 pm, when you take it out at 1:00 pm the next day it will no longer be a raisin but a slightly shriveled grape.

Also, The nostrils of toddlers can stretch to accommodate a host of items. If I ever get into drug smuggling I know where I'm hiding the merchandise.


Greg and Gwen said...

Hilarious! BTW, we ALWAYS eat ketchup on our scrambled eggs. Well, except for Greg. He thinks we are wierd, but I grew up eating ketchup on everything and have proudly passed it on to my kiddos. I actually can't stomach scrambled eggs without it :)

Dorothy said...

Hey, I'm too lazy to e-mail! Ha. If I wanted to buy a buttercup bag, how much would that be?

Amy and Darin and family said...

Okay, so this was weird. As I was pulling up your blog I was asking Tyson why on earth he was putting ketchup on his eggs that I had just made him for dinner...