Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Nose Is a Nose

Jack stuffs things up his nose. I don't know why. He has an affinity for fluffies. Things like pillow stuffing, quilt batting, pocket lint, yarn quilt ties, etc. He likes to rub them on his nose or ear while he sucks his thumb. I think that the nose-stuffing may have stemmed from that. He only puts things in his right nostril, though. Weird.

I have pulled an assortment of things out of his nose, including (but not limited to):
  • feathers
  • yarn
  • pencil erasers
  • a piece of a rubber shoe
  • foam rubber coach cushioning
  • hair
  • a dried pinto bean
  • a second pinto bean that was behind the first bean
  • a raisin that had the chance to sit overnight and was nearly a grape by the time I pulled it out the next day
  • bits of apple
  • rocks
  • dirt clods
  • dried grass pulp from the underside of the lawn mower
  • pocket lint
The crowning achievement, however, was today when I pulled out some fiberglass insulation. Not once, not twice, but three separate times. I don't know if he put it in there three different times or if he stuck one giant piece in there and I only thought that I was getting it all the first time. His little nose is so red and irritated now.

Of note is the fact that his older sister did the same thing when she was his age. She stuck with soft fluffy things like quilt batting or pillow stuffing. I remember the first time we gave her cotton candy. I handed her a piece and then turned back to the bag to give some to Michael. It struck me too late that cotton candy bears a strong resemblance to quilt batting. It was already a melted, sticky mess oozing out of her nose by the time I turned back to take it from her.

My kids are weird.

Occasionally Jack will put something in his ear, again only the right side, but he usually limits his partiality to putting things in his nose. Once he stuck some mandarin oranges in his ear and I was able to get a nice picture of that.

Yup. Strange, weird, bizarre kids.

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Nikki said...

Oh gross. My daughter used to stick things up her nose. Mostly beans. Not green beans, but legumes. She stuck them in her ears too.

Just a few days ago my four year old decided to pump some lotion into his ear. What on earth?!