Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Dark Underbelly of the Domestic Crafting World

I got a new email address several months ago to go along with my sewing blog. I couldn't figure out how to have my sewing blog on this account and yet keep them totally separate so I just got a new hotmail account and started a totally different blogging account. It's nice because all of my sewing related emails go to that account so they don't get lost in the multitude of mail in my personal account.

Here's the thing: it's a relatively new account. I have the address on my business cards and there can't be that many of them floating around. I have the address on my blog, which is the most likely source of my problem. Oh, what's the problem? I have no messages in my inbox, but there are over 30 in my junk mail box, and every single one of the subject lines says something along the lines of "enlarge your junk!" or "enhance your pleasure!" The messages vary in degrees of nasti- and inappropriateness, but they are all sex-related ads.

Someone out there found my blog and decided that someone who makes and sells handcrafted baby items and purses must be totally into bed sports.

So here is your education for today: quilter = sex maniac. There. Now you've learned something new.

(Kinda makes you see Grandma in a whole new light, doesn't it?)

1 comment:

That Girl said...

Wow. Who knew.

(I might have to get more serious about my quilting ....)