Saturday, June 19, 2010

Credit Card Case

I carry a lot of cards. A lot. Debit card, driver's license, insurance card for every family member (seriously), library cards, rewards cards for every freaking store in a thirty mile radius. Lots of cards. I can never find a wallet that will fit all of my cards. I finally found one of those hard shell cases that fit all of my cards (hooray!) and I've loved it for a couple of years.

Today that case bit the dust. (boo!)

So I decided to make a new one. Behold:

I made it up as I went along, so it's a little rough. I used striped fabric, which enhanced the crooked stitching. I also didn't give myself enough extra room so each pocket is a little tighter than I'd like it to be. There are two pockets behind each of the card pockets that could be used for receipts or cash. I originally wanted to include a pocket on the outside for my phone, but I had to cut, re-cut, sew, pick out seams and re-sew so many times that I just said "Forget it!"

Maybe if I make another one it will have a phone pocket. And I won't use striped fabric.

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Alison said...

Ok, I haven't visited Little Jacks Handmade Corner yet, but if you make one of those with a cell phone pocket, I'm TOTALLY there, dude. My kids got me one of the hard cases with the phone pocket on front, and I LOVE IT, and get SO many compliments on it, I would love to have a handmade one that I could hand out cards of yours in every time I get a compliment and say "My awesome friend Julie makes these! Give her a call!"