Saturday, January 9, 2010

In Which I Publicly Set A Lofty Goal

I was perusing old magazines in a waiting room the other day when I came across a book review for 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life by Cami Walker. I just read a small blurb about the book and it got my wheels spinning. I don't have the resources to give a material gift each day for a month, but I have a capable body with which I can perform services. I have been in a blah kind of funk for a few weeks and I've had a tough time climbing up out of this rut that I find myself squished into. Additionally, I gave a lesson in RS a few weeks ago on service and the message of the material has stuck with me: serve others to bless yourself.

(I did a little research and apparently this book has started a world-wide movement of people who give of themselves and find that they are recipients of positive effects as well. Go here to read the story.)

So, without further ado, I am committing myself to giving one act of service per day for the rest of the month of January. My plan is to document my experience here on this blog. I know that service is best done quietly, and I don't plan to shout about my experiences for the recognition and approval of any who might read this. It is simply a way to keep myself focused and motivated. If I know that even one person is checking up on me for the rest of the month I will be much more likely to follow through with my goal than if I keep the plan to myself.

As a wife and mother, I give acts of service every day, so I think it's necessary to set some guidelines. If I get feeling lazy, I can use "changed a diaper" as my service and check off the rest of the month right now!
I looked up "service" on to give me an idea of what sorts of things I can do. The definition is very simple: an act of helpful activity; help; aid. With that in mind, I have set my guidelines as follows:
  1. Each act must be something that is not in my normal daily routine, i.e. diaper changing, bed making, laundry, etc.
  2. Each act must benefit at least one person besides me in some manner, be it emotional, physical, spiritual or otherwise.
  3. Each act must be performed with sincerity and a happy heart.
That's it. I think it sounds simple but at the same time I'm worried that I will be able to find enough acts of service to perform. I'm pretty comfortable with my little hermit-like ways. It will be good for me to reach outside of my comfort zone and find others who are in need of help.

Wish me luck!


carmar76 said...

Luck! You can do it! : )

Nikki said...

Awesome goal! I had to chuckle at the hermit-like ways comment. haha. Sounds like me.