Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Month of Service, Day Three

I had hoped for a miraculous change of attitude last night, sort of a baptism by the spirit of laundry, but no such luck. I folded laundry and while I was pleased to help out my friend, the magic service fairies didn't reach down and plaster a smile on my face and coat my heart with warm fuzzies.

Today, however, I chose a service that may have been a little selfish. My husband was asked by a friend to pull out some old carpet so that new carpet can be installed later this week. I offered to help my husband so that it wouldn't take him as long. It was enjoyable, although I'm not sure if the joy was from giving freely of myself or from getting to spend a little one on one time with my husband.

I'm starting to get concerned about finding people to serve. Ideas? Anyone?


Stephanie said...

I think that sometimes we forget when it comes to service that our family is an important one to serve too. We think that it can only be others and big acts of kindness. You spending time with your husband was definitely service because you helped him and you served your marriage. That was not selfish in the least. Stephanie B

Nikki said...

Hmm... ideas:

taking someone's shopping cart back for them after they unload their groceries

helping unload groceries to an elderly person or overly-frazzled mom

Taking someone's kids for them for the afternoon (my friend did that for me yesterday- for two of my kids anyway)

baking an extra loaf of bread for someone

taking just a few cookies over to a neighbor after baking some for your family

driving to California and taking care of someone's twins while she naps. ahem.

getting on yahoo answers and answer some questions of areas you may have expertise or experience in

taking kids to school for someone or picking them up

mowing the lawn- your or someone elses

doing your husband's chores (if he has specific chores)

hmm. Now you have me thinking of actually doing this myself. :P

Lisa said...

Hi, you don't know me, I don't know you...I found your blog through Nikki's blog, but I like your idea a lot! It sounds like you are LDS, like I am, so here's some ideas I have for you.

-Talk to your RS president or Bishop for ideas of who needs help in your ward or area. I'm sure they will know of some needs that might not be obvious.

-write notes of encouragement or appreciation to people

-let someone have your place in line at the grocery store

-offer to return a frazzled mom's cart, again at the grocery store

-keep some yummy snacks in your purse, and then when you find yourself stuck in the ER or somewhere else you didn't expect, you can offer them to the other people waiting

-go to a neighbor's house to say hi, then offer to take out their trash.

good luck with your goal!

Nikki said...

Ooh! I love Lisa's ideas. This is a really good goal you have. Even if you did the same service all month, like Lisa's idea of writing notes of encouragement or appreciation, that would be awesome! I'm getting so excited about my month. I'm definitely starting "officially" in February. What have you started?!

Julie said...

I sew a lot so I'm planning n making a few gifts for friends this month. Tonight or tomorrow I'm making something for a friend who is moving away. If it ever snows again I plan on helping my mom with snow removal. I also keep an eye out for opportunities when I'm out and about. It seems like the easiest projects are in my home, but I was hoping to stretch out of my comfort zone a little. I guess the main goal is to think of others before myself, though, so serving my family is okay. Tonight I'm making clam chowder in individual bread bowls entirely from scratch for my family, which is way more effort than I usually put into dinner.