Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Proof That I Am Not the Craziest Woman Ever

It's no big secret that I deal with "issues" from time to time, as I posted a blog about battling depression some time ago. Not to go into extraordinary detail here, but I've been going through a doozy the last month or so. A big doozy. I'm seeing a counselor in addition to a psychiatrist, just to make sure all of my bases are covered. The counselor is there for me to talk to and help me figure stuff out and the psychiatrist is there to figure out what sort of drugs I need to be on in order to function as a human being again.

I'm posting this blog strictly to relate a funny thing that happened to me today, which I'll get to in a minute, but since this can of worms is opened I'd like to take note of something.

A LOT of people are feeling crazy right now. Waaay more than usual. My counselor told me that the place she works has had to hire more counselors and has asked everyone to increase their case load and they still aren't keeping up. I have friends and family who have confided to me that they are "feeling a little crazy" themselves. It makes me wonder: what is going on? Is there some cosmic evil force at work, trying to push us all over the edge? Is it the state of the world, the economy, or the fact that Wendy's no longer serves fry sauce? I don't know why, but I think it's strange and interesting. Also a little inconvenient for me because I have really needed steady reliable people to lean on and it seems as if stable people are in short supply.

Anyway, back the original reason for the post; I had an appointment with my psychiatrist today. Today was only the second time I've seen her so she doesn't know me all that well yet. As I sat on the couch in her office, we exchanged pleasantries, she consulted the file in front of her and said, "So, the last time we spoke you told me that you see and talk to dead people. Is that still occurring?"



I wish I could have seen the look on my face. I had no idea what she was talking about. She apologized, again consulted the file and then the computer and said that she must have misunderstood. We proceeded to discuss how I had been doing. During the whole discussion, however, I am wondering why on earth she thinks that I think that I see dead people. Did I really say that last time? I don't remember saying that. Maybe I'm way more screwed up than I thought! Why would I say that? And on and on. Finally, as we finished, I just had to ask. I didn't want her to think that I thought she was lying or that I was totally loony (ironic, as I was the patient and she the psychiatrist) but I wanted to know: Did I really say that?

Apparently, she had confused my file with that of another patient who has a name very similar to mine.

I actually walked out of the office giggling to myself. It made my day. Even though some days I feel like I am losing my mind, there is someone out there who is a whole lot more messed up than me!


Cristina said...

LOL!!! You should have just gone with it, Julie. You could have given a lengthy description of it all..... finally culminating with the statement that the only reason it has all been possible is because you recently discovered you were also deceased, and that, incidentally, your real name was Bruce Willis.

Sarah Jane said...

Yes...I agree..you could have gone through a whole story about dead people...and then said..what is the name on that file???