Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rich and Famous

I was curious to know how many people read my blog. You see, my dream is that somehow, somewhere, an editor or publisher will read my blog and think that I am awesome and super talented and want to publish some of my writing. (So everybody pass my link along to your friends, will ya? I promise if I become rich and famous I'll use your name as a character in a book or maybe buy you ice cream.)

Anyway, I put a counter on my blog. I was surprised at how many people have viewed my blog. Right now the count is at 67 and I've only had the counter for about a week and a half. I was surprised because I rarely get any comments on my blog and so I thought that not many people were reading it. Yay me! I'm almost famous.

Unless you count all the times that I view my blog to see where the counter stands. That might bring the actual count down to 9 or 10. Shoot. I may not be a famous as I originally thought.


Cristina said...

You're famous in my book!

Amy and Darin and family said...

I'm one of your blog-stalkers and proud of it!