Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busy Busy Busy Day!

Things accomplished by me and my family today, in no particular order:

  • Serviced lawn mower.
  • Mowed lawn.
  • Weed eated (weed ate? weed eatered?) Umm, it's trimmed.
  • Hauled off gigantic truckloads of garbage and junk.
  • Caught (and released) a salamander in the front yard.
  • Leveled out ground in preparation for building fire pit.
  • Broke water line while leveling the ground.
  • Fixed the water line.
  • Cleaned up one corner of the garage and moved in the lawn tools.
  • Trimmed all the little teeny obnoxious tree branches that try to poke my eyes out when I mow.
  • Put away all the scrap lumber from building the chicken coop.
  • Discussed building a play house out of the scrap. Yay!
  • Got a bunch of river rock to use in building the fire pit.
  • Swept patio and sidewalk.
  • Learned how to drive the skid loader - suh-weeeet!
  • Got the lawn mower stuck.
  • Felt like a moron for getting the lawn mower stuck.
  • Ate breakfast.
  • Forgot to eat all other meals.
  • Hoped children fed themselves.
  • Got a blister on my big toe from my new gardening clogs.
  • Got a gash on my cheek from weed trimmer shrapnel.
  • Lost the scrench for the chainsaw.
  • Found the scrench hours later in Morgan's back pocket.
  • Took a looooong bath in the jetted tub.
  • Completely forgot about Adam's birthday party tomorrow. Crap!
Ooohhh, everything hurts so much, but our yard looks awesome! I'm excited for the firepit; that's something about our old house that I miss a lot.

I'm off to find some ibuprofen and my bed. I hope that I can move in the morning. I'm afraid that once I quit moving my muscles will fuse in that position.

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