Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Children Were Switched At Birth

That's the only explanation I have for their physical build. All of my kids register average measurements for their height but super skinny for their weight. If you have never met my husband or I, you should know that we are not cream puffs. We like to eat them, but we weigh considerably more than your average cream puff.

As a result of having string bean boys, I can never keep their pants on. Even Michael, who is now nine, wears ill-fitting pants. If they fit around the waist, then they are far too short. If the pants are long enough, he has to constantly hitch them up. Belts were difficult for Mike, so I usually just took his pants in. That was tons of work.

Now I have another string bean boy who can't keep his pants up and this one is super active to boot. Unless he is wearing overalls or some sort of jumper, he is frequently sans pants.

My father-in-law wondered if they make suspenders in toddler sizes. I, of course, thought, "well I can make suspenders."

So today I did. And I think they turned out quite nicely, thank you very much.

He's pretty excited to be wearing the suspenders, but he was more excited that I was chasing him to get some pictures.

The back view. They aren't adjustable, but I don't care about that for right now.

Now there is no stopping to hitch up the britches. He is unstoppable!

I may seriously regret this.

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Shea said...

Those are the cutest!
Adam is one cute little boy I am not going to lie! :]