Sunday, May 24, 2009

Waterfalls, Alligators and Sturgeon

Yesterday, we loaded up the family (and the Wards) and headed west for a fun filled day of family frolicking. First we stopped at Shoshone Falls.

The flow wasn't very high, so the falls weren't all that impressive. But there were lots of rocks to climb on and hills to roll down.

And fits to be thrown.

Then we went out near Hagerman to see the alligator farm.

I've been here a few times but every time I go I enjoy the odd mixture of alligators and sagebrush.

There weren't as many alligators this time as there have been in times past, and the ones there weren't as big, but it was still lots of fun.

I'm pretty sure this alligator was dead, as it didn't move at all while we stood just a few feet away and it really didn't smell all that living, either.

This big guy was more obviously dead, but the dead ones posed for pictures a lot better than the live ones.

The man who raises the alligators also raises tilapia and there are ponds and streams full of the fish. Here is some of my family and Jake enjoying the view of the fish. What this picture does not show is Jake's mother's reaction to her son's proximity to the water.

Miss Rae and Mr. Jack were unimpressed by the alligators and the fish, but totally dug being outside and in their strollers. Raena shows emotion a little more freely than Jack.

Then we went to Crystal Springs, where they have a pond with some big sturgeon and trout.

This is the smaller of the two sturgeon.

This is the bigger sturgeon. It looked much more impressive in person. This pictures makes it look more like the Loch Ness monster.

These pretty lilies were growing in the pond with the sturgeon and trout.

After we left Crystal Springs, we went to my aunt and uncle's farm in Jerome. By this time the wind had picked up and I was more focused on holding Jack Jack and making sure that Adam didn't run away so I didn't get any pictures. But we have been invited back and we'll definitely take pictures the next time.


Greg and Gwen said...

I'm guessing the reason Jacob is the only one looking at the camera in that picture is because he's looking at Emily who must be standing next to you and hollering at him to stand back!

Looks like you guys had a very fun day!

Perpetual Mommy Exhaustion said...

I'm laughing but I hate you.

I also hate Gwen.

At least I didn't make him wear a life jacket (I had one in the back of my car).

Shea said...

That looks like a fun day!
The picture of Jack Jack reminds me of Noel when she waqs little!
Or i might just be crazy.