Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Plethora of Pictures

I just couldn't resist posting some pictures of my fabulous family. Enjoy!

Noel, hamming it up in Mike's Halloween cloak.

Moe and Jack, the biggest Bennett and the littlest Bennett. I think I caught them in the middle of telling secrets about me. Only one of them looks like he is guilty. Can you tell which?

Mike does NOT enjoy kisses from his sister. This picture was the product of lots of begging and me telling him that he didn't have to enjoy it, he only had to hold still.

This is what happens when you wear braces and your face meets another kid's head.

Jack was getting ready to start working the lip in this picture. I wish I could have gotten the full pout. This is just pre-pout.

If you look up cutie-patootie in the dictionary you'll find this picture.

Adam is helping his Daddy put our new bookshelf together. Who knew that stabbing the packing foam with a screwdriver is helpful?

Goober kids.

"Mike... *labored breathing* I am your brother... *more labored breathing*"
I love that you can see his little face peeking out the eye hole.

Check out the look on Jack's face and the way he is stroking his chin. He is most definitely plotting a way to get his hands on Adam's sippy cup before Adam loses interest in the camera.

This is the goofy man I married just doing his thing. At about 1:15 in the video you can hear Morgan coaxing Jack to "back off the thumb." If you look closely, you'll see that Morgan is missing about the top 1/4 of his thumbnail. He ripped it off at work and the guy he was working with about tossed his cookies.

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