Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Men In My Life

This morning I was snuggling with Spanky, our Cocker Spaniel, and thinking about the similarities between him and Morgan.

See if you can guess who...

  • Sleeps in the bed with me.
  • Has seen me naked.
  • Throws up on the floor when he gets excited.
  • Is handy with power tools.
  • Likes to give himself tongue baths.
  • Likes having his bum scratched.
  • Loves to stick his head out of the window on car rides.
  • Loves me even when I'm grumpy.
  • Has lived with me since the late nineties.
  • Hates being on a leash.
  • Loves French fries.
  • Steals food from the kids.
  • Is a great snuggler.
  • Runs to greet me when I come home.
  • Likes to watch TV.
  • Has a good enough sense of humor that he thinks being compared to the dog is funny, not insulting.

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