Friday, September 11, 2009

A Riddle

What are yellow...

...and pink...

...and pink and yellow...

...and blue and yellow...

...and apparently taste appalling to goats?

Four o' clocks and bush morning glories.

Next year I will buy seeds in bulk.

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Mommy Mac said...

I love these morning glories!! I am a sucker for flowers in the yard, flowers in the house, flwoers period!

Do they take shade or lots of light? Are they kinda viney crawly?

I do giant zinnias every year...LOVE THEM!

Just stumbled upon your blog.

Great to find a new friend!

Are you a fan of tulips, hyacenths (sp--totally got that one wrong) for spring blooming? I am wanting to plant some this fall, but just curious if I could plany my regular annuals over top of them after they die out.

Happy gardening to you!!

.mac :)