Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday Bliss

For my actual birthday, Moe and I went out with Joe and Em to Texas Roadhouse and then on to see All About Steve. It was super fun. What follows is a picture-mentary of the evening.

Besties waiting for the hubbies.

We're both making weird faces. Next picture, please.

Lots of snuggling went on between these two. I guess they forgot that it was my birthday. Ahem.

At the Roadhouse. Mmmmm.

Umm, some random picture of someone's food. I didn't take this. It was just on my camera.

I was being a carrot walrus, but the carrots started to fall out. Moe is making his "muppet" face.


Jacob, the very best server ever. Ever. Don't argue.

Me laughing at Jacob and his cronies who danced in the tiny space right at our table and irritated all other surrounding tables. Emily may or may not have put some ones in his apron pockets.

What romantic date is complete without a time-killing trip to DI?

Not pictured is the totally rockin' storm door we got for $15. Shaw!

Um, Joe, who are those weirdos racing around the Walmart parking lot?

Oh, our spouses. Right.

Happy birthday to me!


Perpetual Mommy Exhaustion said...

The steak is Morgan's slammin' upgrade. Duh.

Cristina said...

Hooray for your awesomenesstastic birthday! I'm glad you got to get out for a bit and do "grownup" things. (And yes.... I do place the carrot walrus under the category of grownup things.)