Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm still giggling to myself

When you live in a town as small as the one in which I live, you get to know people. The same few waitresses at the local diner, the same few clerks at the grocery store, the same pharmacist, you get my drift.

So when I dashed into the grocery store for a couple of gallons of milk a few minutes ago, I wasn't surprised when the checker asked about my family, my kids and when I was planning on going back to work at my sister's restaurant.

I told her that since I'd had two babies so close together that I had no plans to go back to work. I mean, I still work and all, but there is no paycheck.

And then she leaned in close to me and spoke four words which made my day:

"Are you on medication?"

I laughed out loud. Then I realized that she was serious. So I cleared my throat and told her that yes, pharmaceuticals help me through my day. I asked her if it was that obvious.

"You're just so calm!"

Oh, darlin', if only you knew.

Am I on medication.... *giggle*


Greg and Gwen said...

VERY BLOGWORTHY!!! That is hilarious!

Cristina said...

LOL!!! I only wish you would've leaned in even closer, deeply sniffed in her hair, and said, "Do you use Herbal Essences?", and then gave an obscene shudder of delight.

Please, please, PLEASE tell me that the next time you go in there, you scream "Pixie Stix! I need Pixie Stix RIGHT NOW OR I'M JUST GOING TO LOSE IT!!!!!!!" Feel free to substitute 'ham hocks' in place of 'Pixie Stix', or anything else that strikes your fancy at the moment.

In all seriousness, though.... I really do miss the small-town familiarity that can be found anywhere in Idaho. Here, I never know anyone when I go to the store/pharmacy/ANYWHERE. Living in a large metro area, whenever I try to smile and make polite small talk with cashiers, clerks, or other workers or passers-by, they inevitably have one of three unappealing responses: 1.) They meet my cordial conversation with complete silence and the lifeless, black-eyed stare of a shark, totally ignoring that I communicated with them whatsoever, 2.) They cower from me with terror in their eyes, like they're certain I'm going to wait for them in the parking lot until after their shift to mug/rape/kill/or otherwise maim them, or 3.) They grin a sinister, beady-eyed, pointy-toothed, scheming grin, and reply with a chilling answer and wink that makes ME certain they're going to be waiting for me in the parking lot later to mug/rape/kill/or otherwise maim me.